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Team OMG

Ontario Masks &


Anil Shah

Mr. Anil Shah


OMG is a Canadian-based company who is proud to distribute masks manufactured in Ontario. OMG is the perfect solution to meet the PPE needs of all Canadians.

As a result of the COVID 19 global pandemic, OMG promoters Mr. Anil Shah and Mr. Kamal Paul saw the world was forever changing. OMG had to move beyond conventional options of PPE and this is where Raju Halbe, President of the company spearheaded this organization to find the right product ’SHYCOCAN’. This product supports Canadians to lead a normal life in an indoor environment.


OMG is a company built on a foundation of trust and goodwill that strives to keep Canadians safe and healthy.

Kamal Paul

Mr. Kamal Paul

Raju Halbe

Mr. Raju Halbe

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