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The masks I received from OMG are so comfortable to wear.  I always have problems with the string around my ears and the ones from OMG are super soft and comfortable.  The level two ASTM protection gives me the peace to know I have additional protection against viruses, yet still remains breathable.


Toronto, ON

August 2021

During the second wave of the pandemic, my office was at a reduced capacity to adhere to restrictions, however there were still 8 staff members working in the office. We kept as safe as we could through wearing masks and sanitizing regularly but we still would eat lunch together and meet for group activities. I started to experience symptoms of the coronavirus such as a fever and dizziness and suspected I may had gotten COVID from outside of the office. I unfortunately tested positive for COVID-19, not only was I worried about myself but I was worried for my co-workers, concerned I might have gotten them sick as well.
Luckily, my company had installed a machine called the Shycocan in the month of February 2021. They installed them throughout the office, in the canteen area, trading areas, everywhere! Thanks to the Shycocan, I never infected any of my co-workers with the highly infectious virus. I am so grateful that none of my colleagues ever got COVID-19 despite being close to me and I owe my gratitude to the Shycocan.


Oakville, ON

September 2021

Dear Sir,


I have recently arranged for the delivery of my second Shreis Scalene SHYCOCAN device. This one is for the home of my daughter in Toronto. The first one was pre-ordered before it arrived in Canada. It was delivered to me on 3rd June 2021. Coming from a science and medical background, naturally I investigated the track record of the inventor and studied the principles involved. I looked for the available field studies after attending an interview session involving the inventor with news media abroad as well as attended the Indo-Canada Association webinar presenting innovations for the COVID problem. I found the few field studies which were mostly limited and mostly anecdotal by small businesses in Europe and India. This didn’t surprise me, since the product is new and to test this properly can be not only a very involved and prolonged proposal but also not practical for a small business.

For us Shycocan has turned out to be a boon, for it has empowered us with mental security no less than wearing masks and physical distancing. That is the reason for this long feedback. Recently, we had countless people visiting us a due to a death in the family, who too appreciated the extras security provided by the device.

My daughter’s family has recently moved to Toronto from Mexico and found the device especially useful in providing that extra security needed with the traffic of service people, movers and the family dog’s outdoor walks.

We have family and friends in business who are eagerly awaiting the official approval of Shycocan for business usage.


Warm regards


Dr. Shirish Nathwani M.B.Ch.B; F.R.C.S.

Waterloo, ON

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